As we near closer to the potential second wave, it seems to be becoming more and more of a reality. The new rules to prevent the spread are undoubtedly causing confusion to the populace as a whole. Here at Corner Connect, we’d like to offer a round-up of what you can expect as we head into October. We’ll tell you what new rules and restrictions will mean for York people, business and the area as a whole and how Corner Connect can help.

Local Lockdown

At present many areas throughout the UK, including Leeds and Greater Manchester, are under new local lockdown measures. These new rules are closer to what we saw at the beginning of lockdown, forbidding interior household mixing and strongly advising against outdoor household mixing. Currently (1/10/20), York is not a part of the local Lockdown list. However, you cannot meet anyone from included areas indoors or in private gardens.

As of September 27th, York has 55.6 cases per 100,000. This spike increases the likelihood of a local lockdown dramatically. This may make it far more difficult to shop in the York area. If a local lockdown does occur, rest assured knowing that all of your favourite local York stores can be found online at local prices.

Rule of six

Across the UK, the rule of six has come into effect. You cannot gather outside in groups of more than six people. For those with large families, don’t be concerned as under-12s are exempt from this rule. However, those who are unable or unwilling to shop on their own may face complications. For local business, you do not need to limit the number of people in your stores as long as they are following social distancing guidelines and the rule of six. Shoppers will still need to wear masks also.

10pm Curfew

Leisure venues such as restaurants and pubs must now close at 10pm. Alongside this, you will now be legally required to request contact details of your patrons and hold the information for 21 days in order to Track & Trace. Takeaways cannot take walk-in customers past 10pm, but may continue to offer delivery services. Local York Business may want to consider our eCommerce platform, as rules are becoming more and more stringent in regards to the high street experience.


We hope this guide has provided the essential information you need to stay safe and secure in York. We hope you will consider our services, for both shops and customers, as the second wave approaches. We are the exclusive eCommerce platform for York that can provide a modern solution to lockdown issues, help you reach new customers and ensure regular patronage can be maintained. For local prices and York products online, shop safely at Corner Connect today.