About Corner Connect

When is the last time you shopped local?

The best of us will say they did for their last shop. Some of us might say we’ve picked up a few bits off the high street or in the market not too long ago. But, let’s face it, many of us simply don’t have the time for the local shop.

Especially with the pandemic, many find that local sellers are hard to find, don’t offer delivery and can be quite a distance from each other. Many, despite being rather keen on the local shopping experience, are forced to settle for the big retail giants. The quality is poor, the supplier’s unethical and the prices hardly competitive, but when you need a product delivered to your door the local high street just can’t compete.

We bring the York high street to the nation

Corner connect is the eCommerce platform for local York sellers to reach doorsteps across the nation. We provide the convenience of the retail giants to customer’s across the UK, with the prices and vast, ethical product selection of the local York High Street. With over sixty local sellers already selling top-quality products at competitive prices, customers can find anything from handcrafted stationery and local brews to produce and poultry.

Why supporting North Yorkshire sellers matters

Local York business, like the rest of the nation, has been impacted dramatically by lockdown restrictions and the current pandemic. With local commerce grinding to a halt for an extended period, many local sellers are feeling the strain.

We offer customers across the nation the ability to not only get the products they crave delivered right to their doorstep, but the chance to make a positive impact on small business. Buy shopping with Corner Connect, not only are you getting products at local prices (which are simply unmatched by the retail giants) delivered to your door, you’re making a real difference to the local community and ensuring local North Yorkshire products are available for years to come.

We put local businesses first

Corner Connect is here to serve the local York community. As local farmers and suppliers will know, the retail giants are keen to make lofty demands and place unachievable standards on local sellers. Here at Corner Connect, we offer a service that is built to ensure your needs are met. Web Hosting, payments, logistics and more are handled entirely on our end. All we need for you to begin your journey with us is information on your products and yourself!

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