Selfcare has become more important than ever during this current pandemic. From hygiene to mental health – keeping mind, body and spirit, in tip-top condition is imperative to surviving the dreary Zoom Meetings and bored Netflix browsing of our days. Here at corner connect, we believe our top-quality items from the finest local York sellers (now delivered nationwide) can help you on your self-care journey. Here are just a few of our favourite picks, and why you should check them out!

Mindful Colouring Bundle (6 Mindful Cards and Sustainable Pencils) – Sarah Anne Draws

Mindfulness is one of the greatest skills one can master during this lockdown. It is the term commonly used for the therapeutic technique wherein one allows themselves to focus ion their awareness on the present moment, and accepting your feelings and thoughts. It’s one of the easiest and healthiest ways to deal with stress and worry. Talented York Artist Sarah Anne has put together this collection of mindful drawing cards and top-quality pencils. They’re both made from top-quality sustainable materials and are the perfect way to get into a state of mindfulness.

Lavender & Tea Tree Antimicrobial Soap – Holly & Foss Bath Boutique

The importance of proper hygiene has been highlighted in this recent pandemic. whilst we’d all like to say we’ve always had good hygiene, many of us no doubt still aren’t quite used to sanitising our hands before every shop. If you’re looking to avoid the harsh sanitisers for your home or even office needs, this soap from one of our local York sellers is just what you need!  This Holly and Foss Bath Boutique product are rich in Olive and Coconut oil, providing a naturally antimicrobial alternative that is far less drying to the skin.

Beau-t-full Minds Wide Awake Tea – Beau-t-full Minds

There’s nothing better than a calming Herbal Tea to start off a morning. The mental health benefits of such a routine alone have been highlighted by numerous studies. Beau-t-full Minds have combines the loving taste of Orange & Grapefruit herbal tea, already guaranteed to put a smile on your face, with the active ingredient Bluenesse®. Bluenesse® an exclusive lemon balm extract developed to support cognitive performance, perfect for beginning the morning with a clear and healthy mind!

Fruit Smoothie Box – George’s Greens

Corner Connect is home to a vast array of fruit & veg from York’s finest local Farmers! If you’re looking to stay healthy in both mind and body, the smoothie is a delicious, nutritious way to do just that. George’s Greens, based in Haxby,  provide this gorgeous curated collection of various local fruits that will taste perfect together in any smoothie.


As you can see, Corner Connect has all of the essential self-care goods you need to keep mind, body and soul happy during lockdown. Check out our range of local York goods available nationwide, including alcohol and produce, on our site today.