How it works

Browse local products from dozens of local retailers based in North Yorkshire and then add any items which you would like to your basket. The local shops that you have ordered from receive your order and they deliver your items to the Corner Connect delivery hub the very same day. Corner Connect then carefully consolidate all of your items into a single package. One of our friendly drivers will then deliver all of your items the next working day!

Customer wise we are looking to give them an opportunity to purchase goods once; twice or as many times a week and to be able to have a next day delivery. They can order from several shops and know that they will receive one delivery for everything they have ordered all for one delivery cost each time they do.

Customers will be able to choose what they want to buy whether it be at the cheaper end of the market or at the dearer end. Customers will have a choice. Customers will be able to set up an account and have their orders repeated every week or month and wont have to worry that they have forgot to order things.

For those customers without their own transport not only does the Corner Connect solution aid this, but it means that they can shop around the district supporting their local retailers.

We would expect that customers will receive special offers now and again. By being loyal and supporting their local retailers their will be a gesture back from the retailers.

Local charities may also benefit from people who wish to support their local charities from donations at the Corner Connect checkout.