Small business is struggling across the UK. Fluctuating decisions and frustratingly flippant restrictions push customers away from the high street and especially the local store. On the other hand, big business is booming thanks to e-commerce, people are perfectly happy buying products online rather than going out to a store. Yet, the cracks are beginning to show. People are growing wary of imported goods and large corporations. Imagine the competitive advantage you could gain from offering online convenience with small business quality and price. Imagine if you could do that hassle-free, today. Don’t imagine, read on to find out how.

What it means to be a Corner Connect Seller

Being a Corner Collect Seller means you’re a business willing to innovate. We welcome businesses to join our E-commerce platform specifically for small businesses. No matter what happens, your customers will be able to buy your products online. We work closely with you to create professional-looking listings on our site for your products and arrange a commission that fits your business. We manage the site, take care of the servers, letting you focus on selling products.


To become a Seller, there are a few requirements at present (27/08/20).

  1. We Require all stores to have a York Postcode

Unfortunately, we cannot currently take on sellers outside of the York area. Any shop with a York postcode can apply today to sign up for Corner Connect with no hassle whatsoever, and we will be able to ship products to customers outside of York.

  1. A Paypal account is preferable

When dealing with e-commerce, we prefer our clients to use Paypal to make payments both ways easier. If you do not currently have a Paypal account we are happy to work with you to work out a payment solution for you. A Stripe Account may also be used by your business / set up by us as an alternative.

  1. We can only take on official ltd. Companies

Due to legal restrictions, we can only take on officially incorporated companies. As much as we love to support business owners at any stage of their journey – this is unlikely to change in the future.

If you cannot sign up for Corner Connect, we hope you can make use of our frequent posts covering valuable advice for businesses of any size and their customers.

Future, Now

We look for long-term relations with local small business and hope York entrepreneurs and hard-working business owners use our platform to take their home-grown business to the next level. We aim to offer an innovative solution at a lower cost than hosting a site in a hassle-free manner. We want to take local businesses to the next level by working side by side with the York community to offer a truly competitive e-commerce platform for their customers. If you seek reliability, affordability & innovation – contact us today.