A second lockdown places local business in a volatile position. The next few months could be the difference between lasting success and failure depending on the situation they find themselves in. If you want to support a variety of Local York Business and receive an exciting array of unique products, read on to learn about our new Yorkshire Box!

What is the Yorkshire box?

Available for pre-order now, our two Yorkshire boxes combine multiple suppliers local to the York area into a handy box filled with interesting items and locally-sourced essentials. These boxes provide essential funds in this crisis to local stores, whilst providing one-click convenience deliverable right to your doorstep.

What’s inside Yorkshire Box – Box One?

Inside Box One you’ll find £62 worth of items from 14 local York suppliers at only £40 for pre-order! If that’s not enough incentive, the products you get are top-notch local goods handcrafted with love and care, including:

Quality Confectionery

Unique and Exotic Flavours

Classic Yorkshire Products

Everyday Essentials

What’s inside Yorkshire Box – Box Two?

Box Two is filled with in-demand items from 16 suppliers, curated with care by our team. At only £50, buying this collection not only supports local York Business but gloves you a vast array of essentials, potential gifts and more for this winter season! Inside this box you’ll find:

Night-In Treats

Sensational Seasonings

Tastes of Yorkshire

Locally-Sourced Necessities

With only 50 boxes available of each, order now so you don’t miss your chance to help York business thrive!


For more quality collections such as the Yorkshire box and a massive selection of local York goods, including groceries, exotic dips and more; shop with Corner Connect Today!