In these strange times, when an Irish court has ruled that an American sub-sandwich chain’s bread is not actually bread – it’s important to focus on the quality of our daily meals. This is especially true for meat and poultry, as these foodstuffs need to be properly sourced and prepared (if people are to remain healthy). For the best cuts in the business, look no further than your local York butcher. Quality meat always comes from quality butchers, and in this post we’ll show you why, and where you can find the best butchers in York.

Butchers’ meat has a reputation for stellar food quality and hygienic preparation. A butcher is typically a tradesman, with strong ties to the local area through their own local high-street shop. Butchers are qualified to handle meat and to train others, bringing them into the trade. As a butcher, there are expectations in terms of properly dressing animal flesh and cutting up (or even curing) the associated meats.

Especially during these times, hygiene is extremely important. It’s for good reason that most shops and offices have introduced accessible hand sanitiser dispensers. It’s easy for COVID-19 to spread from people to surfaces, where the virus may be picked up and infect others. It’s better to have a qualified butcher prepare your cuts in a controlled environment, rather than buying meat which has passed through multiple workspaces and a densely packed workforce.

Benefits of Butchers’ Meat over Supermarket Cuts

When you deal with a butcher, you’re dealing with a professional, qualified tradesman. Someone who understands how to keep meat well and treat it properly. It should come as no surprise that butcher’s meat has many benefits over cheap supermarket cuts, even beyond hygiene:

  • Fresher cuts of meat – Butchers will usually sell you fresher cuts than supermarkets do. At a supermarket, you can fall prey to an error of the shelf-stockist (who is likely not a trained butcher). Don’t pick up a dubious back-of-the-shelf supermarket cut, buy from a butcher with confidence
  • Superior cut quality and prime joints of meat – Due to their direct connections with local farms, your local York butcher is likely to supply fresher meat. Fresher meat is usually higher quality and nicer to cook with. A butcher who serves his community well is respected by local farmers
  • Give back to your local community – By supporting local figures like your friendly local butcher, you’re helping to preserve a competitive local environment (which drives up product quality). As supermarkets take over and attempt to merge into corporate monopolies (thankfully some of these moves are blocked by regulators), you have to ask yourself: “With fewer places to buy meat from, why wouldn’t supermarkets ratchet up the prices in the long-term? What incentive would supermarkets have to provide prime quality cuts without competition of butchers?
  • Surprisingly butchers meat can sometimes cost less – We would never call a butchers’ cut ‘cheap’, indeed you wouldn’t want to buy cheap or low-quality meat. It has to be said though, when you’re looking for cuts of a certain standard, you might be surprised at the prices your local butcher can offer Corner-Connect-Prime-Cuts-1

At the time of writing, a leading supermarket is offering a “British Beef Ribeye” for just under £6, they specify a weight of 0.24kg

One of our stocked butchers (D&Y Taylor) offers an appetising 10oz Rib-Eye Steak for just £6.20. It’s hardly more expensive, and you actually get more meat as 10oz is actually 0.28kg (rather than 0.24kg)

Considering how similar the prices are (and that fact that D&Y Taylor give you slightly more meat), which of those looks better to you? For us there’s no contest, go local or go home!

For Local Cuts from York, Choose Corner Connect

At Corner Connect, our aim is to help local businesses thrive despite a decline in high-street shopping, due to coronavirus-related restrictions. At Corner Connect, we believe in fresh, high-quality local produce from York.

If you’re looking for quality produce from your local butcher in York, browse our Meat & Poultry range. If you have any queries regarding Corner Connect or our stocked local suppliers, please contact us via contact form or shoot us an email (you can also give us a call).

Since we’re actively spreading the message of Corner Connect (and our attempt to bridge the disconnect between online retail and local produce); we’d especially love to hear from anyone who’d like to help us get the word out. If you’d like to become a Corner Connect seller, simply fill out this form.