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Ivisons 6-9-6 Pre Seed Fertiliser – 2kg


The perfect pre seed fertiliser for grass seed and turf.

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The perfect pre seed fertiliser for grass seed and turf

Our recommended spreading rate is – 35g/m²

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Lay down 3-5 days before sowing grass seed

It is especially good when used on thin or low nutrient soil.

Its high Phosphorus content not only aids seed germination but also improves root development.

It is also excellent when applied as a lawn tonic throughout the growing season.

Treatments must be At least 6 weeks apart.

Only apply during the growing season April To October (dependent on the weather)

Granular Fertiliser

One of the easiest fertilizers to apply correctly and evenly is the granular type. As you spread the tiny pellets, they are easily visible across the grass blades. A solid watering across the entire lawn forces the fertilizer down into the soil. You can let your pets back onto the lawn after 24 hours have elapsed from the last time you saw granules on the grass blades. A full day allows the fertilizer to soak deep into the soil and provides evaporation time for the water.

Elapsed Time

To be absolutely sure that the lawn is devoid of remaining fertilizer residue, you can wait until two days or 48 hours have passed after the fertilizer application. If your region is sunny during this time period, you know that the water used with the fertilizer has evaporated; granules or liquid fertilizers are deep into the soil by this point. Rainy days after application help move the fertilizer even deeper into the soil, although you may need to apply fertilizer more often after a rainy period.

Safety Considerations

You must apply the fertilizer as the manufacturer instructs, or the grass may hold the residue for an extended amount of time. Pets pick up the residues on their fur and paws and can quickly ingest them. Consult a professional landscaper for custom fertilizing instructions is the best way to stay safe if you are unsure of the application amount.

Delivery information

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We can not accept any liability for loss or damage to goods once they have been delivered, or once they leave our premises if being collected. Once delivered the recipient is responsible for the product and are held at your own risk.

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