As lockdown slowly begins to fade away, it’s pretty clear that Britain is itching for a weekend out.  We all miss the local pub, the fancy clubs and the incredibly drunk friends we’d see along the way – but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun at home these last few weekends in! Corner Connect is home to a vast array of local York confectionery, alcohol and more that can make any weekend in a night to remember. Learn more about our range of ethical York products for sale here at Corner Connect.

Beer Gift Pack & Branded Festival Glass (New Horizons & Lofty Ambitions) – The Hop Studio Limited

There’s only one thing better than a locally brewed Yorkshire beer, and that’s a Yorkshire beer in a top-quality Festival glass! This bundle from The Hop Studio offers incredible taste and value in one package, perfect for starting the weekend off right. In this bundle, you’ll find two top-quality artesian beers microbrewed right here in Elvington, York. The New Horizons Single Hop Mosaic Pale is brewed with malted oats and mosaic hops for a hint of mango & citrus in the aroma. The Lofty Ambitions Oatmeal Stout is rich and velvety, with an intense hit of coffee balanced out by gorgeous cherry & blackcurrant hop flavours.

For a gorgeous local beer to make the sofa supping special, look no further.

Any 4 Nine bites cookies –  Nine Bites Cookies

Cookies are one of the finest treats around. There’s nothing better than a lazy Sunday morning, brew in one hand and a cookie in the other. Nine Bites cookies offer gorgeous handcrafted cookies in a vast array of flavours, created with love just down the road in Strensall, York. Here are the gorgeous flavour options you can pick for your Nine Bites Cookies:

–        Milk chocolate

–        Biscoff and white chocolate

–        Walnut and milk & dark chocolate

–        Caramel

–        Triple chocolate

–        Mint chocolate

–        Coconut and milk chocolate

–        Chocolate orange

–        Hazelnut and white chocolate

Stuff your face with gorgeous York cookies these next few lockdown weekends, you deserve it after this last year!

Lucky Dip Crate of Beers – Corner Connect

Variety is the spice of life, and this seasoning has been sorely missed during this lockdown. Corner Connect hopes to bring you a solution capable of bringing something brand new into your life with our Lucky Dip Crates! A continuation of our renowned Yorkshire Box series, we bring to you a personal, random selection of the fine craft beers on our site for an absolute steal of a price. The list of Corners involved in this project covers an impressive catalogue of brewers providing a vast array of flavours. They all have one thing in common, however, that fine Yorkshire quality you can only get when you buy local.


We hope this guide has given you the inspiration you need to make these last few lockdown weekends truly special. Corner connect is home to a vast array of fine Yorkshire products, now available to be delivered nationwide! Browse our range of alcohol, confectionary and much more today.