As of this week, Corner Connect has officially gone nationwide! That’s right, the finest York sellers are now available across the UK! From local confectionery to gorgeous gifts, you can enjoy a taste of the local high York high street delivered right to your door. From Liverpool to Swansea, we’ve got you covered! Continue to read this exciting announcement/guide for more info on how nationwide delivery with Corner Connect works and get a tantalising taste of the products that are waiting to be delivered right to your doorstep today!

How does Nationwide Delivery With Corner Connect Work?

Before this week, Corner Connect deliveries were contained to areas with a YO postcode. As of today, this is no longer the case. We can deliver across the UK via APC, with the same options we’ve been offering to our local York clients. This includes Saturday and Next Working Day Delivery, and the ability to choose a delivery date that works best for you. As an additional incentive to get local York sellers’ finest products delivered right to your doorstep, wherever you are, we’re offering FREE Delivery across the UK for orders above £50 in value! Browse our shop now and find the finest products the UK has to offer at local prices!

Has Local York Delivery Been Affected?

As of the time of publishing, Deliveries to YO postcodes will also receive FREE Delivery on any orders above £30! Our valued local customers will also be able to continue making use of our Saturday and Next Working Day Delivery options, as well as the ability to choose a delivery date that works best around them. Don’t worry York, we’ll still be bringing you the greatest products this amazing community has to offer right to your doorstep!

Why Choose Corner Connect and Local York Sellers?

Let’s face it, no one actually likes the big supermarkets. We’d much rather support local, British sellers. No one wants to buy produce, confectionery and other products at their nearest supermarket. it’s simply the easiest option. especially in this pandemic, many local sellers are simply not open for business, or must abide by restrictive rules that severely limit their operations. Here at Corner Connect, we’ve created a way for the amazing quality and prices of local sellers in the York area to compete with the biggest supermarkets in convenience. Our eCommerce Platform now allows you to find the latest York products from sellers who have joined us just as easily as you’d find a product on the biggest eCommerce platforms around.

As of right now, you can have amazing York confectionary such as the delectable “Belgian Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Pouch” from Yummycomb delivered right to your door. You can find alcohol – including beers, blondes and more – brewed right here in Yorkshire and enjoy it in Lancashire. With Corner Connect, any local delight you can dream of can reach your doorstep at the same local price, just as easily as you’d get it from the Supermarket!


Browse our ever-growing, expansive range of local York products for sale here, and thank you to all of our valued customers for following us on this exciting journey!