‘cornerconnect.co.uk’ opened for the first time on the 1st of September, with the aim of bringing the latest technology right to the York high street. We deliver an e-commerce platform, designed to benefit small business whilst keeping the range of products consumers love from the modern online stores you see today. We’ll go further into what we do below.


A ‘Corner’ is the name we give to the local businesses we work with to provide their excellent products to customers new and old via a modern e-commerce solution. We believe local British stores are the cornerstones of business, delivering quality experiences international stores often fail to match, and community. Local businesses give back to the area with every sale made, sourcing and selling locally made products, creating new job opportunities and keeping the local high street thriving. We want to give business, starting in York, the chance to become cornerstones of e-commerce. We will do this by working closely with each store to create a hassle-free e-commerce storefront that looks and performs just as well as any e-commerce solution available today. Every corner we hope to involve bolsters York’s online commerce platform and the economy at large. If you have a store in the York area or beyond, why not get in touch today?

Consumer Choice

We believe Corner Connect has the power to deliver product choice comparable to any large-scale retail storefront, online or otherwise. Corner Connect serves as a platform for any small, specialist store to sell their products outside of the high street – so they don’t have to compromise on selling the products they love to remain competitive. Working closely with York Business, from butchers to Vape Stores, means Corner Connect can offer a competitive range of products that entices locals away from the big supermarket with the quality and choice they deserve

Local Business is Our Priority

Coronavirus has put smaller businesses on the defensive. Constantly changing guidelines and lockdowns have led to financial instability for many, and customers are growing increasingly wary of trips out on the town. However, many townsfolk are also conscious of the dire situation small business finds itself in. they want to buy local, for the quality, it brings not only in products but in the livelihood of the community at large.  We make sure that no matter what may happen in the physical retail space, a small business can generate income online; and locals can find the products they love and get them delivered right to the doorstep.

Looking at the Future

Corner Connect aims to keep local business competitive in the new world. We want to keep local high streets in the hearts of people and keep everyone connected to the latest developments in the small business community. We put every store on the same pedestal, and every product on a page so customers can find the product they want from any business who works with us so every store gets the space it deserves.

We’ll post regular content to keep you informed of the latest developments on our site, the areas we support and more so you can keep up to date with the latest in small business. Join the latest innovation on the high street today –  and discover the power of connected small business with Corner Connect.