From Clifford’s Tower to Mad Alice Lane, York is home to horrors and spooks galore at Halloween. However as unbelievable as these tall tales may seem, with the madness of 2020 -you can never know for sure, so maybe it’s best to keep the doors shut and the blankets up this Halloween!

That’s why this October 31st we would like to offer you a comprehensive guide to the local Halloween favourites you can get delivered right to your door. Turn a Corner on the Haunted Streets of York this Halloween, and read on to learn about the spooktacular local products you can find right here at Corner Connect.

York Confectionary Delivered

Trick or Treaters may not be arriving at your door with the current pandemic, but you can bring the treat to yours with some spine-chillingly craveable confectionary made right here in York.

Dark Orange Belgian Chocolate & Honeycomb Slab

This lush Belgian Dark Orange Chocolate encases a honeycomb slap, providing a delectably indulgent and completely all-natural flavour experience. Move on from the snack-size bars and feast upon a gluten-free, vegan delicacy this Halloween.

Taste of Yorkshire Shortbread Selection Box

Enjoy three delicious shortbread flavours delivered right to your doorstep this Halloween. The chocolate, ginger and classic shortbread mix from this box is a perfect choice for someone looking for classic homemade treats, without having to make them yourself.

Chuao 25 Chocolate Selection Box

Halloween isn’t complete without chocolate goodness. Upgrade from snack size 4-pack bars this year with 25 handcrafted artisan chocolates from the renowned Kala King. Enjoy exciting new flavours such as Mango & Passionfruit and Salted Caramel Espresso Martini this Halloween, delivered right to your doorstep.

Halloween Party Products

Food and drink with a twist are perfect for Halloween fun! Enjoy boo-nique flavours delivered right to your door this Halloween

Yorkshire Pudding Beer

Made with real Yorkshire Puddings at Malton Brewery, this frightening flavour is sure to confuse guests and tastebuds alike. With half a Yorkshire pudding in each bottle, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting your money’s worth. Top it all off with a great beer made from the Malton Secret recipe, and you’ll have a Halloween treat to remember!

Award-Winning Reaper’s Revenge Chilli Jam

Swap sweets for spice this Halloween and put your tastebuds to the test with this brutal challenge brought to you by The Chilli Jam Man. This award-winning chilli jam is made from the Carolina Reaper, aka the world’s hottest chilli. For serious heat-chasers, this jam has flavour and spice to spare. However, for us mortals, this chilli provides a serious challenge destined to create terrifyingly fun memories and can be delivered right to your doorstep this Halloween. How’s that for a trick?


As you can see, Corner Connect has all the items you need to have an unforgettable Halloween. Whether you plan to be the ghostess with the mostest or are looking for a quiet fright-in, skip the Halloween shopping and get the items you need delivered right to your doorstep. Shop with the local York sellers you love online today, and have an fang-tastic Halloween!