Corner Connect is here for local York business. We provide a powerful eCommerce platform to help the public find and purchase community favourite no matter where they are. But why shop local, rather than from the big supermarkets and online marketplaces? Read on to find out.

Quality local products.

A small local business survives on consistent quality.  Local businesses, especially in York, pride themselves on their ability to offer excellent quality at a low price. Local businesses offer better deals on products for the average consumer, with fair prices and honest business. The local business won’t artificially raise prices, offer sub-standard service or try to con you out of your money. When you shop local, you’re trusting honest, York people to offer the best product they can, and with the wide range of shops on our platform, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect product for you.

Ethical local business practices

Local business often means locally sourced, which typically means you can rest assured knowing that you’re buying something made with the best intentions. Local butchers and grocers often offer locally-sourced produce, and many products on a local store’s shelves are handcrafted items, made with love and care with the most genuine intentions in mind.

Local Business = Local Economy

Local business and the cash flow it brings is the lifeblood of many small areas in the UK. York thrives thanks to its strong community of local businesses bringing well-earned money into the area. By buying from local business, be it on the high street or from the comfort of your own home, you’re keeping the York area thriving and creating new ethical jobs for the community at large. When you buy local, everyone around you benefits.

Local Business Personality

Local business is filled to the brim with original and unique products, characters and service. Many local stores, especially IN York, are filled with excitingly exotic products at enviable prices. Local shops build heartfelt connections between you and new hobbies, products and shopowners that will bring new avenues of opportunity into your life. Shopping local means investing in yourself, as well as your local area. The connections with the community you build thanks to local shopping can last a lifetime, and the products possibly even longer!


As you can see, shopping local has numerous benefits over shopping from sticking to the big storefronts. We at corner connect to provide you with all of the tangible benefits of local shopping, with all of the online convenience. Our powerful storefront allows local business to reach out to their regulars and new customers online, with efficient delivery and a hassle-free eCommerce experience on both sides. To experience the benefits of local shopping today, right from your sofa – shop with our amazing York local business on our site. If you’re a local seller, ready to take your business to the next level, read about the benefits of online shopping here and sign up today.