Here at Corner Connect, we operate to meet and exceed the expectations of York businesses and customers alike. The York High Street community is filled to the brim with passionate sellers that bring locally sourced, top-quality products to loyal customers every day. We take great pride in helping York businesses grow and have developed a strong appreciation for the local area. This week, read on to learn about a few highlighted products from our Corners, which we’ve hand-picked to connect to the ever-lasting legacy of York!

“The Chocolate City” York Confectionery

19th Century York became a production powerhouse, much like many other cities in Yorkshire. Whilst a city like Leeds settled on textiles, York took a different route. York became known as the city of chocolate, with chocolate factories becoming the lifeblood of the area. To this day, you can find some of the finest artisanal chocolates in the world right here in York from ingenious chocolatiers such as Kala King. With the power of Corner Connect, you can now get these gorgeous hand-crafted chocolates delivered right to your doorstep! We recommend you try the Chuao 25 Chocolate Selection Box from Kala King for a large sample of what York’s finest have to offer.

“Viking Jorvik” York Ales

866 AD, All Saint’s Day. Viking Ivar The Boneless conquers the city known as “Eoforwic” and changes the name to “Jorvik”. York became the second-largest populace in England at the time, becoming a powerful trading hub and capital for Vikings in England. York’s Viking Heritage can still be seen today, and what better way to represent the warriors of old than with a proper ale? Malton Brewery produces the Malton Brewery Craft Ale Gift Box, that covers three powerful, unique flavours. From heritage bitter to Yorkshire pudding beer, you can feel the Yorkshire spirit in every bottle. Buy now, and celebrate trading like the  Jorvik of old.

Middle Ages, York Wine

York was chartered, confirming trading rights in England and Europe, in 1212. This led to a massive trading boom for York during the later Middle Ages. York merchants imported and exported goods from across the globe, including oats, textiles, and wine. York wine has continued to thrive up to the modern-day. To enjoy the refined taste of early York success, look no further than Latimer wine. Made from Rondo grapes, Latimer red wine has a deep rich colour with notes of plum, blackberries and spice flavours that is well worth a try.

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