We at Corner Connect are here for small York businesses. We aim to help the York High Street find their loyal customers, no matter where they are. We feel our services as York’s exclusive eCommerce platform are more important than ever in this crisis. We want to go the extra mile and keep the York community up-to-date on the latest changes to York, business as a whole and how we can help during this pandemic.

Coronavirus statistics York

Let’s start with the overall statistics. In total, 1051 coronavirus cases have been reported in York. The avg. amount of daily cases at present is 7, however in the past few days York has seen a spike in cases, with 17 now being confirmed in a 24hour period. Overall, cases have been consistently down since a strong spike for May of this year but show signs of increasing again here in September.

Latest Coronavirus Restrictions York

As of 14/09/20, the UK Government has passed and now enforces the “rule of six.” This means no more than six people from different households can gather. For large families, this may severely impact your ability to travel and shop. For small businesses in York, this could keep your customers away from you – or make it impossible to have a healthy amount of business in your store. As we approach winter – expect more restrictions like this as the potential second wave looms over.

You still cannot meet anyone not in your household in their home or garden, unless they are in your support bubble. Households within a support bubble can still visit each other, stay overnight, and visit public places together. This is good news for those shielding or who are locked down alone. However, there is a chance you may still be unable to get your shopping. If you still want to support local York business, we recommend shopping with us at Corner Connect to have the items you loved shipped safely to your door.

York University Coronavirus

As of 28th September 2020, York University will be welcoming students back for a new term. This is likely to increase the 18-24 year-old population of York. These members of the public will be eager to go out and are more likely to be asymptomatic. Because of this, students may wish to shop online. Of course, the best deals often come from local stores – and a student first moving in needs all the savings they can get! We offer local store items at local door prices, with eCommerce convenience.


We hope this small update has helped you to keep up to date with the latest changes to York and York Small Business in regards to the ongoing pandemic. We at Corner Connect aim to keep York’s small businesses connected in every sense of the word. Connected to new customers via our ever-growing platform,  connected to the latest tech with our innovative eCommerce solution, and connected to the world around them by providing the latest information. Shop with us or join our platform today.