We at Corner Connect are committed to keeping customers up-to-date on the latest changes to the world of small business- and coronavirus currently dominates any and all news, especially in regards to the economy. In this article, we’ll update you on the latest coronavirus restrictions pertaining to our businesses and customers in the York area – and how it will affect the High Street.

Are Shops Open?

Nationwide, Very few businesses must remain closed. This means, besides nightclubs, the majority of the high street is now open for business! This is one step towards normality after a long few months, but it’s important to remember social distancing measures remain in place for most shops.

What Social Distance Measures are in place?

You must still maintain your distance with those outside of your household/support bubble – but said distance is now governed by the “One Metre Plus” rule. This government advice says that a distance of 2m should be aimed for in social distancing, but anything over 1 metre plus is nearly as effective. Social Distancing is still required on the high street and in shops. Expect to see one way systems and floors covered with arrows for a while longer, but these are slowly beginning to be removed by the bigger stores. Overall, businesses should be prepared for the loss of profits due to a reduced capacity thanks to social distances.

Customers should remember social distancing measures make queues seem busier than they are.

What’s the current advice on masks?

Government advice on masks seems to change frequently. The laws can be confusing – but at present moment police can present fines up to one-hundred pounds to anyone not wearing a mask in a shopping area. However, there are a few exemptions. For store owners, staff are not required to wear masks, and customers are not required to do so when it would be impractical. Impractical scenarios include situations where a customer must eat, drink or take medication. A shop employee can ask a customer to remove their mask in order to verify their age. Overall, masks are advised, if not compulsory, in most practical areas; so it’s best to wear a mask as much as you can in public areas.

How does Corner Connect help?

Corner Connect lets you skip the ‘high street’ part of the high street. Get the products you love from Local York Businesses online delivered right to your doorstep, no matter how regulations change. As winter approaches and the threat of a second wave looms over – it’s more important than ever for local businesses to embrace e-commerce to survive. Corner Connect creates a seamless and comprehensive online storefront for customers and companies alike, collating the best local UK goods together on one innovative platform for a competitive new online marketplace.


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